10 minutes walking from the gorgeous Baratti Bay

Welcome to LeCaRaMeLlE di Baratti

Welcome to the Caramelle di Baratti and to the belvedere of this stunning bay

Baratti Bay is slightly Northern of Piombino, on the other side of the hill, where the Etruscans based their iron affairs. It is rich in history, of uncontaminated corners and breathtaking views.

You might spend days discovering all hidden treasures, or maybe you will lazily lay on the beach waiting for the sunset.

A friendly welcome to Baratti Bay!

Our property is so very close to the gorgeous Baratti Bay, a jewel of the Tuscan coast. A small pinewood and free beaches, serviced areas, delicious restaurants, and a small harbor. Bordering the pinewood there is a belvedere and an open large meadow.

Is it a windy day? Waves? Pick up your car and drive 10 minutes southward, the Perelli pinewood is there. White entrance roads are numbered, with a parking area at the end from where you can reach beaches.

Or bike north for 2km and swim at a small protected bay at Torraccia, at the beginning of Rimigliano pinewood.

A dog beach is also close. We may suggest you the Bagno Baratti, especially at cocktail time.

Isn't it fantastic?
How far is the sea?

you might walk there in 10 minutes, or maybe we reveal a very secret path that is 20 minutes walking in the fields to reach the hidden bay Il Pozzino.

Do you have special advice for Covid-19?

please take a look at our dedicated cleaning procedures here and be confident reading any official update by our Government here.
travel safe!

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