Le Caramelle di Baratti

About Us

Landed to Tuscany

We are a visionary enthusiastic couple that left away from the grey flat Milan area, in the North of Italy and moved toward the windy and sunny coast of Tuscany. Eventually, we discovered this building, hidden among wild vegetation, and restored it from scratch. The house came out big enough to host family and friends, and, why not, guests. The two studios are two cozy jewels, bonbon, le caramelle. (but the true story of that name it’s quite another)

We like sharing our residence and having people here around, the house is big enough to host many, and somehow it get alive when guests are here. We are making our best effort in making you feel yourself at home. This is our own home, with a lot of attention in preparing for guest arrivals. I like to choose bed linen depending on the guest that will be here, or towels or even beach-umbrella colors.


Our Story

I traveled a lot when I worked with IBM. from one night to a medium-long stay. What was good for me was finding a simple place, with room enough to spread all my stuff everywhere, but mainly a clean one.

And this is what I am offering you here: a few pieces of furniture as linear as possible, not stylish though, so you can decorate with your pencils or make-up, or swimsuits to make it your own home. I put my colors there with bed linen or towels. But mainly studios are sparkling clean and sanitized.

Do you happen to know the anxiety coming after a phone call announcing the arrival of your parents or your mother-in-law? Inrush cleaning everywhere and putting things in their original places, hiding disordered stuff? Well, I can host you with 2 hours in the advance call, that I will not because I keep a whole day to make the environment as I like. Also in this pandemic phase, one day after check-out the studio stays closed, the next day we clean and work, and during the night silver nebulization on, before 1hour opening all windows. You see, my cleaning fixation is not such a defect these days.
And think about having a garden in front of your apartment, where you might leave your children to play or lay for a restoring “siesta”. Tiny apartments with wide spaces around.

Be Our Partner

I guess, by now, you now know how much I care about this place, I discovered it behind the wild plants and I am still working to make it beautiful for you and me.

The garden is so big for me, I come from a life in the city and I wish I could grow it up with your help.

Maybe it’s a strange idea: your coming will help me buy new plants and pay a professional gardener.

But you could also help more by planting your tree here and coming to visit it year after year.

Why not?

More About Me

This is a large property, not luxurious, please do not expect a villa on a hill of Tuscany, Le Caramelle di Baratti is proudly a country house, with room enough for 3 families, of which one it’s mine. So I am happy to guest you in my own house. And this house is so a very happy place when there are many around bringing their expectations and their activities here.

We are three sisters and when we gather families here you see people everywhere and this is so joyful. The area here around has a majestic history, Etruscan left not only artifacts and jewels here, but a sort of magic. The nature is luxuriant and it offers breathtaking glimpses. We respect it’s balance, we act to be less invasive as possible and we commit to keep it untouched. What it is commonly called sustainability, here, takes the meaning of working with the local community to preserve as well the nature and the economical equilibrium, knowing the past and building a sustainable future. Click here

How ?
How did it happen that I landed on this beautiful corner of earth? A former software engineer? I do love the sea, swimming, sailing, paddling, diving. So once I decided to move to the seaside and while traveling back and forth from Milano to Tuscany, while parked in a rest area on the high-way, I felt a pleasant perfume. Later I understood that it was coming from the “Caldana”, a thermal spring of hot water on the hill. There are thermal currents that move wind and perfumes between the source of hot water and the sea. That very day a hawk landed on the roof in front of me. That one was the signal.
Why ?
Why, by chance, this strange name “Le Caramelle”? This is a funny story. In the initial phase of restoration we were studying a lot of planimetries and once we found the guests’ studios labeled as “sweets”, for the pronunciation is similar to “suites” and a typo error. That’s it. From that moment on, we started calling this wing of the building “le caramelle”, playing with the words sweets, candies, bonbon. Besides there is an Italian trademark for candies: Baratti e Milano. What else? This house was the relaunch pump of the Piombino aqueduct, taking water from the sources below. The sources are still active and used by us to water the garden and for the discharges of the bathrooms.


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