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Landed to Tuscany

Ah, let me tell you a story of adventure and a bold choice. My partner and I were once living in the flat, grey city of Milan. But we yearned for something more, something with a bit of sunshine and wind. And so, we set our sights on Tuscany and its sunny coast.

One day, as we were exploring the area, we stumbled upon an old, abandoned building hidden amidst the wild vegetation. It was love at first sight, and we knew right then and there that our future lay within its walls.

We embarked on a restoration project, bringing the building back to life and making it big enough to host our family, friends, and guests. And what guests they are! Our two guest studios, the cosy jewels “bonbon” and “le caramelle,” come to life with the presence of our guests.

And what a location we have to share with you! The fantastic Baratti Bay is right at our doorstep, ready for you to explore and make your own. Our goal is to offer you a simple, relaxing, and comfortable stay.

So come, and join us on this adventure. Experience the warm hospitality, visionary spirit, and bold choice we made in restoring this Tuscan gem. You won’t regret it!

rainbow - - Cosy guest studios "bonbon" and "le caramelle" Warm hospitality in Baratti Bay Visionary spirit of restoring a Tuscan gem Sharing life and location with guests Experience a comfortable and relaxing stay

home away from home

As I travelled extensively during my time at IBM, I know the importance of finding a simple yet clean place to stay. That’s why I offer my guests just that: clean and well-sanitized guest studios with simple and functional furniture, so you can make it your own home away from home. As live-in hosts, I am passionate about making sure each and every one of our guests feel right at home. With fresh linens and towels in bright colours, I aim to bring a touch of warmth and comfort to your stay.  

During your stay, my aim is to ensure that you have a comfortable and personalized experience in our small apartments surrounded by ample open spaces. You will feel right at home, with a garden right outside your door that is perfect for taking a peaceful nap or for letting the kids play and enjoy. I am dedicated to providing you with a welcoming and comfortable home away from home.

Be Our Partner

I guess, by now, you now know how much I care about this place, I discovered it behind the wild plants and I am still working to make it beautiful for you and me.

The garden is so big for me, I come from a life in the city and I wish I could grow it up with your help.

Maybe it’s a strange idea: your coming will help me buy new plants and pay a professional gardener.

But you could also help more by planting your tree here and coming to visit it year after year.

Why not?

Life at LeCaramelle

Preserving the Beauty of Tuscany: life at Le Caramelle di Baratti, a charming country house in Tuscany where you can experience the warmth of a home away from home.

Our property may not be luxurious, but please do not expect a villa on a hill in Tuscany, Le Caramelle di Baratti is proudly a country house, and it’s spacious enough to host up to three families, including our own.

The area here around has a majestic history, Etruscan left not only artefacts and jewels here but also a sort of magic. Nature is luxuriant and it offers breathtaking glimpses. 

Our concept of sustainability is not just about environmental preservation, but it also encompasses working with the local community to maintain both a healthy natural environment and a strong economy. By acknowledging our history and building towards a sustainable future, we aim to continue the legacy of the Etruscan people in a responsible and meaningful way.

Why right here ?
A Journey to Le Caramelle di Baratti: As a former software engineer, I never thought I'd end up running a guest house in the Tuscan countryside. But one day, while travelling from Milan to Tuscany, I took a break at a rest area along the highway. That's when I caught a whiff of a pleasant scent in the air. I later discovered it was from a nearby thermal spring called Caldana, where hot water flowed between the hills and the sea, carrying the scent of its minerals with it. At that moment, a hawk landed on the roof in front of me, and I took it as a sign.
Where the name from?
The Origin of "Le Caramelle" - A Sweet Tale Have you ever wondered why our guest studios are called "Le Caramelle"? Well, it's a story worth telling. During the early stages of restoration, we stumbled upon the plans that labeled the guest studios as "Sweets". This name was due to the pronunciation similarity with "Suites" and a typo error. And just like that, the name "Le Caramelle" was born, playing on the words sweets, candies, and bonbons. Coincidentally, there's also an Italian candy brand called Baratti & Milano. It's a sweet twist of fate, isn't it? Our guest studios are not just sweet in name but in its history as well. This wing of the building was once the pump that re-ignited the Piombino aqueduct, taking water from the sources below. The sources are still in use today, providing water for our garden and bathroom discharges.
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family picture - As live-in hosts, we are passionate about making sure each and every one of our guests feels right at home.

we the family

dronefly aparhotel - Cosy guest studios "bonbon" and "le caramelle" Warm hospitality in Baratti Bay Visionary spirit of restoring a Tuscan gem Embracing the sun and wind of Tuscany Turning an old building into a home. Old abandoned building, Love at first sight, Future, Restoration projec

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