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Planning Your Itinerary:
Our online calendar makes it easy to plan your days in advance, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to your interests and preferences. Simply browse through the upcoming events and activities, and select the ones that catch your eye.

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I-PRAC has confirmed that all of the information provided in this profile is 100% verifiable.

I-PRAC approved

Discover the importance of vacation rentals trust and how I‑PRAC registration ensures secure and reliable holiday accommodations. Book with confidence today for worry-free getaways.

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Tour Tuscany on Bike: Baratti Cycle Trail and Sustainable Travel Revolution

Explore Tuscany by Bicycle

The sweet taste of hospitality joins the excitement for a new era of sustainable mobility.

A path is about to emerge that will change the face of the Tuscan landscape: the Baratti Cycle Path, a gem within the broader project of the Tyrrhenian Cycleway.

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Vittorio Giorgini multifaceted creativity

Vittorio Giorgini in Baratti

Exploring the Architectural Marvels of Vittorio Giorgini in Baratti, Tuscany Florentine architect Vittorio Giorgini, a notable sailor, fell in love with Baratti’s Gulf during a

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From our central location, you are just an hour and a half away from these iconic destinations, and your vacation in Tuscany promises a journey filled with timeless treasures.

Tuscany’s Timeless Treasures

Welcome to the heart of Tuscany, where art, history, and culture converge in four enchanting cities: Florence, Pisa, Lucca, and Siena. From our central location that puts you just an hour and a half away from these iconic destinations

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Unveiling Lucca's culinary heritage

Lucca Unveiled

Savor the flavors of Lucca like never before! Our organized food & wine tasting tours immerse you in the heart of local traditions

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Uncovering Siena's Hidden Gems: The Best Tours to Make the Most of Your Half-Day Visit

Experience Siena

Uncover Siena’s hidden gems with the help of expert guides who will take you on a journey through the city’s rich history and culture.

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Ethical and environmentally-conscious furniture suppliers - Sustainable furniture for holiday homes and workspaces Italian eco-friendly furniture manufacturer Functional and easy-to-maintain furniture for holiday homes Green energy and sustainability in furniture manufacturing Sustainable living and responsible consumption Ethical and environmentally-conscious furniture suppliers Quality plastic outdoor furniture for sustainable living.

Sustainable Furnishings

Ethical and environmentally-conscious furniture suppliers.
Furnishing the studios is not simply an aesthetic fact. My preference goes towards the essential lines, and a holiday home or place to work must leave room for the desire that everyone has to fill empty spaces.

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Welcome to the world of Poggio Rosso, a wine estate located in the splendid region of Tuscany, in the heart of the Val di Cornia. Here, the passion for viticulture and the love for history and the territory come together to create a unique and unforgettable experience for all wine lovers.

Tenuta Poggio Rosso

Explore the millennial history of Tuscan wine with Poggio Rosso Welcome to the world of Poggio Rosso, a wine estate located in the splendid region

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10 minutes walking from the gorgeous Baratti Bay


Our property is 10minutes walking from the gorgeous Baratti Bay: here you can find free beaches, serviced areas…

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Windy Tuscany coast Hidden gem Professional expertise Warm hospitality Simple elegance Personalized stay Clean accommodations Thoughtful preparation Cherished family member

About Us

We are a visionary enthusiastic couple that left away from the grey flat Milan area, in the North of Italy and moved toward the windy and sunny coast of Tuscany.

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With so much to see and explore the Etruscan Coast is an unmissable destination for all travellers.

Archaeological & Naturalistic Site

Discover the beauty of the Etruscan Coast, a breathtaking stretch of coastline that will take your breath away! Let the shimmering waters, lush greenery, and sandy shores be a backdrop to your next adventure. With so much to see and explore, the Etruscan Coast is an unmissable destination for all travelers.

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Thanks to the good temperature resistance, olive oil is also excellent for cooking and heat, at high temperatures (190 degrees), so it can also be used for frying. In addition to donating to foods a flavor and an unmistakable scent, extra virgin olive oil has numerous nutritional properties that make it a very special seasoning.

ExtraVirgin Olive Oil

Experience the Benefits of Extra Virgin Olive Oil: A Powerhouse of Vitamins and Antioxidants. Discover the history and taste of Tuscany’s olive oil

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Unleash your Inner explorer and discover the hidden gems of Tuscany

Must see

Within 30 miles or about 30 minutes of driving A list of destinations you must see, within 30 miles or half an hour of driving.

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