Le CaRaMeLle di Baratti

Experience the beauty and rich history of the Tuscan coast at our stunning property located just steps away from the picturesque Baratti Bay.

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Le Caramelle di Baratti

Experience the beauty and rich history of the Tuscan coast at our stunning property located just steps away from the picturesque Baratti Bay.

Baratti Bay is nestled in pinewood and surrounded by breathtaking views, this jewel of the Tuscan coast offers unspoiled corners, free beaches, serviced areas, and delicious restaurants.


Imagine relaxing on the sandy shore or taking in the views from the belvedere, all while being just a short distance from the Etruscan iron affairs and the charming small harbour. Let us welcome you to the Caramelle di Baratti and the belvedere of this stunning bay – a truly special place to unwind and reconnect with nature.


Escape to the beauty and rich history of a tranquil oasis surrounded by nature, culture, and culinary delights. Our studio apartments, located in a charming villa, are perfect for short and medium stays. Immerse yourself in the beauty of the surrounding area and indulge in the local wine and food specialties during your spring and autumn stay.

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Whatever you need for a pleasant stay is there, or you simply ask me. Colored linen, bath towels, fully equipped kitchen, beach umbrellas, an Italian coffee maker (Moka), and my great passion in preparing the accommodation for you.

Sustainable Driven

We have recently restored with the best energy-saving criteria. We wanted to measure the carbon footprint and we are an active member of TourismDeclares

Wide and Accessible Space

At our property, we prioritise accessibility and comfort for elders and those with difficulties. Our design, amenities, and firsthand experience ensure a pleasant stay for all. Enjoy ample space and a welcoming atmosphere.

About Us

We are a visionary enthusiastic couple that left away from the grey flat Milan area, in the North of Italy and moved toward the windy and sunny coast of Tuscany.

Eventually, we discovered this building, hidden among wild vegetation, and restored it from scratch. The house came out big enough to host family and friends, and, why not, guests. The two studios are two cozy jewels, bonbon, le caramelle. (but the true story of that name it’s quite another)

We like sharing our residence and having people here around, the house is big enough to host many, and somehow it gest alive when guests are here.

family series - me - Adventure in Tuscany Bold choice for a new life Sharing life and location with guests Hosting family and friends Embracing the sun and wind of Tuscany


My passion is preparing the best environment for you.

I have been building this house, from the time of the restoration, a few years ago, to hospitality, to the present day.

I think your vacation period is so precious, for the most it is “once a year”. Your relaxed days before an exam and an event are crucial. If this becomes your work environment it must meet your need for productivity. This is what I mean by preparing the best accommodation you may need.

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Do you already love this place?

Baratti Bay

We are so very close to this stunning #barattibay, its sunsets, the biking paths, the shadowing pinewoods, the wild wind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are in a great position to reach the beach of Baratti Bay. From the coastal road here you have a 10min walking on main roads, or you may want to take a longer path and walk through cultivated fields. Upon your arrival, I will whisper you a secret passage toward a small bay.

We warmly suggest leaving your car here, inside the property, and pick up the shuttle. The bus station is not so far from here, from the gate you take a left and a left for 2″ walking. Or you may want to use our bicycles.

And yes, you can definitely drive to  Baratti Bay.

The apartments are 30 meters from the main road, S.P Della Principessa. But, despite common thinking, this is not the problem. There are cultivated fields all around. A large flat area. In summer, depending on the direction of the wind, you can sometimes hear cars arriving 1 km earlier. But at night you can hear the local owls calling from tree to tree, nature lulls you.

Yes, we are in the midst of meadows and cultivated land. The nearest house is about 500mt. But 500m as the crow flies … 🙂 That’s why this could also be a great place for a tenor singer to study for a solo.

On the other side, we can easily cycle to the nearest “square”. You will surely know that all Italian villages have grown up around a square where you can now find shops and services. Populonia Station is 1.5km away.

Yes, and you love like it! When the baby is napping, you can sit out on your balcony and enjoy the picturesque scenery

Besides, the crib will be there with a full mattress, not the foldable one.

Here are some unique coastal destinations near our location in Tuscany:

  1. Buca delle Fate: Discover a hidden rocky bay with a mystical atmosphere, reminiscent of a fairy tale.

  2. Pineta di Rimigliano: Explore kilometers of pristine coast, dunes, and woods, all adorned with free beaches.

  3. Parco della Sterpaia: Head to the east coast, where you’ll find numerous bathing establishments and breathtaking sea views.

  4. Pozzino: Seek out this rocky and secluded cove accessible via a secret path.

  5. Baratti Bay: Immerse yourself in the beauty of Baratti Bay, perfect for swimming, surfing, and paddling.

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