a touch of whimsy to the cleaning process

Whimsical Cleaning

The Art of Cleaning

Tidying Up with a Splash of Whimsy

Nowadays my unbalanced need for cleaning is no longer a defect, but a valued quality. Don’t you think so?


The studios are cared for with the same meticulous attention as my own apartment since we share the same house, and I welcome you as guests almost like family

I enjoy selecting terry towels and linens based on the next guest’s preferences.
Studio apartments are always ready to face my mom’s scrutiny without the fear of her disapproval.

Each time I rent a studio, it’s a 3-person, 3-hour cleaning process, which often means asking my maid to go the extra mile for spotless surfaces.

  • For each check-out, we dedicate 3 people and 3 hours to cleaning, in addition to washing and ironing.
  • The dishwasher falls under my husband’s jurisdiction, while I oversee the washing machine, handling all the linens.
  • The rest is managed by our dedicated waitress, which is no small task.
  • At the end of this process, my studio apartment gets a breath of fresh air for the remainder of the day.
  • Dishcloths and sponges are organized by color depending on the environment;
  • mattresses and pillows have disposable covers;
  • all furniture and drawers are emptied clean and then steamed (I also inserted plastic furniture for this reason);
  • dishes, pots and kitchen utensils washed in the dishwasher and by hand;
  • the linens (bed covers and curtains included) are washed in house with hot programs with steam;
  • floor and bathrooms surfaces washed and steamed;
  • the studio remains under the air current for a day.

Prepared personnel

Have you ever found yourself particularly discerning about cleanliness during business travels? That’s why I strive to exceed every standard here.

The scores and reputation of my studios are the result of the hard work of a motivated cleaner, a checklist and review details..

Over the years, I’ve been assisted by different cleaning staff, and you can probably imagine the challenges.

Eventually, I established a strict procedure to follow.

We all appreciate working in a pleasant environment that allows us to express our individual strengths.

Encouraging our waitress to contribute her ideas and insights has been a rewarding challenge.

Beyond a diligent cleaning

By the end of the cleaning day, we put on surfaces alcohol or bleach-based disinfectants. Steam is a valuable ally in our disinfection process.

  • Unlike the pre-pandemic era, we now pay special attention to door handles and switches, applying alcohol-based solutions.
  • Due to recent bed bug warnings, we implement periodic pest removal.
  • For our disinfection, we follow the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) checklist commonly used in hotels.
  • The best hotel chains adhere to WHO guidelines, employing a meticulous cleaning process and a checklist organized by points of interest and cleaning frequency.

Everything Handled In-House

Another reasoned choice had been avoiding cleaning companies for daily management. A choice made feasible by our live-in presence.

  • My own sheets and towels are of superior quality and definitely more beautiful than white linen provided by the laundry.
  • Besides, my washing machine is clean and used for my stuff only.
  • Linens are washed 60degree with steam power addiction, and disinfecting with Napisan (oxygen-based sanitising – components).
  • Where needed,  95degree plus steam.
  • Most cleaning service companies use different protocols.
  • They often use vapour of oxygenated water best suited for a bacterial fight, forgetting virus and fungus protection.
  • Their cleaning activity is completed in 30-40 minutes (1 hour at best), not even comparable to the 3*3 hours we spend.

Environmental sanitisation

Today at LeCaRaMeLle di Baratti we are keeping few days between check-out and check-in. This allows us to leave the room empty for one whole day for cleaning and another day to sanitise.

Environmental sanitization is an operation to remove any bacteria and contaminants that, with common cleaning and detergents, are impossible to remove.

It brings microbial and viral load within optimal hygiene standards.

  • We researched various sanitation devices, from Ozonators to UV light-based solutions.

  • Prioritizing sustainability and the environment by opting for solutions that are non-toxic and ozone-free.

  • Ultimately, we chose two technologies:

    • Nebulization of silver ions with disinfectant

    • Steam treatment for surfaces, mattresses, and laundry.

  • Nebulized SilverBarrier, with silver ions and didecyl-dimethylammonium, combats fungi, bacteria, and viruses, encapsulated for maintaining its effectiveness. It maintains its action on objects for up to 5 days. It atomises during nighttime between one check-out and the check-in. 60minute warming up – 15min spray for 2 hours – 3 hours deposit film

  • Steam treatment at around 50 degrees Celsius effectively exterminates bed bugs and their eggs.

The common-sense rule and the care of a good family woman

Have you ever considered that environmental sanitization shouldn’t be an extraordinary effort but rather a regular practice? Don’t you think it’s worth prioritizing for the sake of your health?

  • Hygiene is a fundamental element of the guest experience.
  • Moreover, adhering to defined best practices is vital for public health.
  • We ensure that our accommodations meet C-19 exceptional measures as provided by the Ministry of Health.
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