Vittorio Giorgini multifaceted creativity

Vittorio Giorgini in Baratti

Exploring the Architectural Marvels of Vittorio Giorgini in Baratti, Tuscany

Florentine architect Vittorio Giorgini, a notable sailor, fell in love with Baratti’s Gulf during a storm. Inspired, he purchased land in Baratti’s park, constructing Casa Esagono – a wooden masterpiece elevated amidst Mediterranean greenery, offering a picturesque sea view.

Unveiling Hidden Treasures in the Heart of Baratti's Lush Park

In the midst of Baratti’s enchanting park, two architectural wonders stand as testaments to the visionary mind of Florence’s renowned and misunderstood architect, Vittorio Giorgini: Casa Esagono and Casa Dinosauro.

Casa Dinosauro - Where Creativity and Generosity Converge

Adjacent to Casa Esagono, Casa Dinosauro, also known as Casa Saldarini, shares a tale of creativity and generosity. Salvatore Saldarini, an industrialist from Como, befriended Giorgini and commissioned Casa Dinosauro based on a spontaneous sketch. This unconventional design, created in 1962, stands as the “first example in the world of architecture realized in isoelastic membrane of net and cement,” pioneering the contemporary blob architecture movement.

A Generous Gamble - The Unconventional Construction Process

Casa Esagono

Giorgini’s ambitious projects were not without risk. The construction of Casa Dinosauro was a daring venture. Workers were paid daily, unsure if the structure would stand the test of time. Saldarini, embodying trust and generosity, considered the construction cost lost if the house crumbled. Fortunately, this architectural marvel has endured.

Time Traveling Through Innovation - A Modern Marvel in Tuscany

Casa Esagono and Casa Dinosauro transcend their time of creation. These architectural wonders welcomed esteemed guests like Matta, André Bloc, and others. Today, the association B.A.Co. opens Casa Esagono to the public in the summer weekends, providing a unique opportunity to witness Giorgini’s innovative spirit.

Embrace the Journey - Visit Baratti's Architectural Treasures

These hidden gems not only showcase Giorgini’s visionary approach to architecture but also offer a journey through time, innovation, and the lush landscapes of Baratti. Plan your visit and immerse yourself in the rich history and pioneering spirit of these architectural marvels.

A Fusion of Creativity and Nature Beckons in Baratti

Vittorio Giorgini’s Casa Esagono and Casa Dinosauro stand as architectural masterpieces, merging creativity, nature, and generosity.

Exploring these hidden treasures is not merely a visit; it’s an immersion into the innovative spirit that defines Baratti’s unique charm. Witness the legacy of a visionary architect and experience the allure of Tuscany’s captivating landscapes.

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