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Sustainable Furnishings

Who Shares Our Ethics?

Furnishing my vacation rentals and workspaces is not just a matter of aesthetics

Let me tell you about my passion for designing beautiful and functional spaces in my holiday homes and workspaces.

When it comes to furnishing, I always prioritize practicality and leaving enough room for my guests to make themselves at home. That’s why I carefully select suppliers who share my vision of sustainability and practicality.

Recently, I stumbled upon Tontarelli, an Italian manufacturer of high-quality outdoor furniture that adapts well to the interior too. That’s perfect for my needs and for my steam-cleaning process

But what really drew me to Tontarelli was their commitment to sustainability. Since 2014, they have been installing solar panels to power their factories, reducing their carbon footprint and reliance on non-renewable energy.

Not only does Tontarelli’s furniture meet my practicality criteria, but their dedication to sustainability aligns with my values. I love supporting local Italian businesses that prioritize both quality and environmental consciousness.

We select sustainable suppliers, who have an eye on sustainability.

Hey girls, but aren’t you tired of staying in fake-vintage accommodations, with those fake-massello tables and outdated sofa-beds? Especially here in Tuscany? Isn’t a practical and modern, linear and elegant space better? And which somehow also aligns with your eco-friendly values?

Bho, tastes are tastes!

So why settle for less? Choose a studio apartment that reflects your values and style. Come experience our modern, fresh and sustainable space for yourself. We can’t wait to welcome you!

Quality plastic outdoor furniture for sustainable living.

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