The Family House

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Are you looking for a stunning 2 apartments in a villa at the seaside in Tuscany? Here you might want to arrange a trip for an extended family. Private garden all around, free inside parking not limited to 2 cars, gazebo and barbecue area. Exclusive via Direct Booking  

The Orange Studio

Sunny and fun orange studio apartment for 2 people. All in 35 square meters with warm colors and full of light. Its entrance is on the southwest side of the house, exposed to the west wind. In the air stream between Mistral and Jugo. It is a very windy area, close to the sea and the windbreak curtains protect the terrace.

The Green Studio

Private and shadowed tiny apartment, on the NW side of the villa. It has a beautiful view of the hill on one side and the sunset on the other. The common garden and the gazebo for dining and a dedicated area for your own right in front of the studio. You are protected from the view by a windbreak net, that breaks Mistral refreshing wind that comes from the sea.