the sweets

Le Caramelle – the Sweets

The Sweets

Its name comes from a funny typo error on a restoration project plan, we found the guest houses labelled “sweets“ referring to “suites”. From that moment on, our guests’ rooms are called “le caramelle” (= sweet like candies).

To better identify them, during the restoration phase,  we named the southeast studio “orange“, and the northwest one “green” inspired by a reproduction of an Etruscan colour schema.


This house has been the main station of the city spring water system in the past; it’s located right under a small hill “poggio al lupo” (the wolf hill), funny fact: the farm on the other side is named “poggio all’agnello*” (the lamb hill).


You may want to read more on the toponymy of Poggio all’Agnello here

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