Harmonious and sustainable home preserving local heritage

In Respect of Nature

Restoration with no impact

At the core of Antonio Carmilla‘s design philosophy is a deep love and respect for the local area where he works. He is dedicated to creating buildings that are not just functional and practical, but also reflect and celebrate the history, culture, and aesthetics of the region.

His aim is to create structures that are in harmony with their surroundings and that respectfully pay homage to the local heritage. In other words, Antonio’s work reflects a passion for preserving and promoting the unique character of the territories he works in, making his buildings true cultural landmarks.

Orange-studio-apartment-theoriginal: before restoration
The orange-studio-apartment-the original before restoration

Unfortunately, we had to put the brakes on Antonio’s project due to budget constraints, but we made sure to keep the key elements and overall vision in place. We figured, why not focus on the essentials and save the finer details for future phases? This way, we can still bring Antonio’s dream to life, just in stages.

At the heart of the design is a sweet little pool to lounge by, a solar greenhouse to grow fresh produce, and wind turbines to generate energy. And just wait until you see the massive garden space surrounding the house! We’re talking rows and rows of juicy fruit trees, olive trees, and all sorts of the local greenery. It’s going to be a true oasis. So, while the project may have been scaled back, the spirit and intent remain the same – creating a harmonious and sustainable home, rooted in the local culture.

Ethical living && sustainability

The house is almost a class A in energy consumption:

  • rainwater collection,
  • spring water into the water closet cleaning system
  • spring water for garden watering
  • solar panels warming water from April to October
  • forced circulation of warm water avoiding waste
  • a solar PV system supplying energy from spring to autumn
  • walls insulation and ventilation
  • aerated foundations
  • plus an aerated roof to keep the indoor temperature
  • the combined heating system mainly with pellet stoves.
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