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In the world of vacation rentals, trust and peace of mind are paramount. When you choose to book directly with us, you’re not just securing a comfortable and enjoyable stay; you’re also taking the final step in a process designed to protect you against rental fraud. Our commitment to accountability and professionalism shines through every aspect of your booking experience.

No Fraud Guarantee

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The I‑PRAC Difference

Registering your booking with I‑PRAC is the ultimate assurance that your vacation plans are in safe hands. This important step triggers an automatic email to the property owner or rental agency, detailing crucial information:

  • Arrival and Departure Dates: Your travel dates are communicated clearly, ensuring no misunderstandings.
  • Personal Booking Details: Your information is securely transmitted to the property owner or agency.
  • Price Transparency: The email confirms the exact amount you’ve paid, leaving no room for ambiguity.


This communication isn’t just for your benefit. It also serves as a signal to the property owner or agency that your booking is officially recognized and documented.

Your Shield Against Fraud

Our partnership with I‑PRAC doesn’t stop there. Every registered booking is logged in the I‑PRAC database, associating it with our credentials as an I‑PRAC member. In case of any unexpected issues or concerns during your stay, you have a powerful tool at your disposal. You can report the property owner or agency, confident that I‑PRAC has your booking on file and will initiate a thorough investigation.

Our Pledge: 100% Reimbursement

Our dedication to trust and accountability goes beyond words. If, through I‑PRAC’s investigation, it’s found that rental fraud has occurred, rest assured that I‑PRAC will personally reimburse you for 100% of your accommodation payment. Your financial security is our priority.

Before You Book: Verify with Confidence

Before you embark on your vacation, we encourage you to take a proactive step in ensuring your safety. Verify that the details provided by the property owner or agency match those listed by I‑PRAC. Check phone numbers, email addresses, property locations, photographs, and bank account information against the information given to you.

For a comprehensive guide on how to verify an I-PRAC member, visit the website.

In a world where trust can sometimes be elusive, booking directly with us offers not only the serenity of a well-planned vacation but also the confidence that your accommodation is secure, and your interests are protected. Your peace of mind is our priority, and we look forward to welcoming you to a worry-free vacation experience.
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