fully accessible

Fully accessible to impaired people

Fully accessible

We are very proud of offering not only one of the few places in this area usable by handicapped ones, but fully accessible and studied from the point of view of a disabled person.
By definition, there is no answer suitable for every kind of need, but we started making room enough for wheelchairs, and we are available to provide facilities on demand.

Often accessible places are more similar to a hospital than to a house. We decided not to use any of the common solutions and we put in place simple ideas.

The two studios are comfortable for everyone and fully accessible to impaired people.

A slightly inclined floor replaces the shower tray. There is no need for a big water closet when it’s at the proper height and the bidet tap can be extended to be a small shower. We put every kitchen tool at a reachable level, likewise all linen; nevertheless, a mezzanine is available.

Outdoor ramps are properly inclined with a maximum of 7% hill and garden common areas are reachable by a wheelchair. Doors are 85-90cm (about 33-35in) wide, but a small step 1cm (about 0.39in) high protects from the rain on the entrance.

Best for an optimal stay is making an enquiry before, we can arrange special device and double check if everything is fine with your requirements.

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