Tour Tuscany on Bike: Baratti Cycle Trail and Sustainable Travel Revolution

Explore Tuscany by Bicycle

The Baratti Cycle Path Revolutionizes Sustainable Travel

Welcome to the blog pages of “Le Caramelle di Baratti ” where the sweet taste of hospitality joins the excitement for a new era of sustainable mobility.

A path is about to emerge that will change the face of the Tuscan landscape: the Baratti Cycle Path, a gem within the broader project of the Tyrrhenian Cycleway.

The construction site of the second section of the cycle and pedestrian path is a flurry of activity, promising completion just in time to kick off the tourist season. This route of about a kilometer winds its way from the charming Via della Principessa to the heart of the Gulf of Baratti. And what’s even better? “In the summer, we’ll finally be able to cycle or walk to Baratti.”

The project is not just a change but a revolution in territorial mobility. Property owners have embraced the vision, willingly surrendering land, making the route even more effective and functional. Innovation can be accompanied by respect for the community’s needs.

Tour Tuscany on Bike: Baratti Cycle Trail and Sustainable Travel Revolution

The cycle and pedestrian service joins a network of shuttles and public transport, opening the doors of Baratti to everyone. Tuscany is destined for sustainable tourism, and the goal is to connect Follonica, the Sterpaia Park, Baratti, all the way to San Vincenzo, creating an exciting network of cycle and pedestrian paths.

The future of the Tyrrhenian Cycleway is even more promising. The section from Follonica to the Perelli 1 area is ready to start taking shape, while the second section, approved by the Region, involves the reconstruction of the picturesque Iron Bridge, demolished in 2013. This is not just a bridge but a symbol of connection between communities, facilitating connections throughout the area.

The third section, extending to the border with San Vincenzo, is already funded for the executive project.

With the Baratti Cycle Path, Tuscany embraces a future of sustainability and gentle mobility, offering visitors a unique way to explore the beauty of the region.

We are ready to write this new chapter together, with the bicycle leading the way to a greener and more accessible environment.

Are you ready for this exciting journey?

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