Ethical and Eco Friendly

Sustainability is not an option

Ethical and Eco  – Sustainable living

Climate Emergency

Embracing actions to put our drop in the sea. You may want to read more here

Eco friendly

We actively moved in respect of the nature since the restoration of the house, in choosing proper materials, for example, not to disperse warming the paint is cork. We chose to recycle the waste, as well we utilize spring water in water-closet circuit, we limit the use of bleach not to kill plants useful for purifying water.

Locally Sourced

Locally and ethically made in the Val di Cornia, a district in Tuscany. We prefer small local productions, fruits and vegetables coming from neighborhoods, KM0 stands. Well, it’s a very lucky choice, this nearby countryside is very rich and fertile.

Zero waste

Committed to a Zero Waste Policy, responsibly recycling, and repurposing excess materials. And we warmly suggest our guest do the same, in respect of this country

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