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The Etruscan Coast is a sweep of coastline

Populonia, an Etruscan area

The archeological Populonia is probably the best-known aspect of this Bay. The ancient town of Populonia, a unique Etruscan settlement built directly on the sea. Populonia with its necropolises, the calcarenite quarries, and the industrial working quarters for iron coming from the hematite deposits on the Island of Elba.
An open-air archaeological site.

Museo Archeologico di Piombino

The museum exhibits more than 3000 artifacts including prehistoric tools, finds excavated in Populonia’s Etruscan cemeteries, and Roman objects.

Outstanding among these latter is the silver amphora found in 1968 in the sea between Baratti and San Vincenzo, a masterpiece of great intrinsic and artistic value. The scientific exhibition project, handled by the Department of Archaeology of the University of Siena, has focused much attention on the teaching and communication aspects of the scientific data. The visitor follows a route tracing historical development interpreted on the basis of the relationship between man, territory, and resources, among which the theme of iron production, past and present, assumes a particularly important role.

Museo del Castello e delle Ceramiche Medioevali

The restoration of the ancient Fortress has returned one of Piombino’s oldest buildings to its original splendor. The castle with its eight hundred years of history tells its own story

Museo di Baratti e Populonia

“Stretching over 80 hectares between the slopes of the promontory of  Piombino   and the Gulf of Baratti, it is presented as a real open-air museum, glittering with ferrous slag which shows the impressiveness of the industrial Etruscan village…..”

Parchi Val Di Cornia

The Etruscan Coast

As you explore the area, make sure to dedicate some time to the charming inland zones as well: Etruscan ruins, farmed lands, vineyards and hills, a kingdom of tranquillity where the sea and its aromas are never too far away. 

  • Castiglioncello
  • Vada
  • Venturina
  • San Silvestro
  • Suvereto
  • Sassetta
  • Montescudaio
  • Guardistallo


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