about us

About Us

We are a visionary enthusiastic couple that left away from the grey flat Milan area, in the North of Italy and moved toward the windy and sunny coast of Tuscany. Eventually, we discovered this building, hidden among wild vegetation, and restored it from scratch.

The house came out big enough to host family and friends, and, why not, guests. The two studios are two cozy jewels, bonbon, le caramelle. (but the true story of that name it’s quite another)

We like sharing our residence and having people here around, the house is big enough to host many, and somehow it gest alive when guests are here.
We are making our best effort in making you feel yourself at home. This is our own home, with a lot of attention in preparing for guest arrivals. I like to choose bed linen depending on the guest that will be here, or towels or even beach-umbrella colors.

Me, coming from the IBM background, where initiative and curiosity were promoted and professionally prepared people gave their contribution, I applied my best capacities to this new activity. Nevertheless, this is not actually a business, it simply pretends to.

And I used to travel a lot, and what I wanted was a simple stay, in a relaxing environment, with no furnishing, with room enough to vest it by myself. But above all, a clean place.

You know when your mother-in-law is coming, when your parents come and visit you? everything must be perfect. Well, I take care of this house like a visit is coming two hours away.

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