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About Us

Escape to Paradise:

Our Story of Passion, Entrepreneurship, and Creating a Home-Away-From-Home in Tuscany

We’re an adventurous and energetic couple who left the monotony of Milan for the sunny and windswept coast of Tuscany. It was here that we stumbled upon a hidden gem hidden among lush greenery and brought it back to life.

Our home is big enough to accommodate family and friends, and even guests in the form of two charming studios that we’ve named “bonbon” and “le caramelle”. But the real story behind these names is a tale for another day.

We love sharing our home and having people around, and it truly comes to life when guests arrive. Our goal is to make you feel at home, and we go the extra mile in preparing for your stay. From choosing the right bed linens to matching towels and beach umbrellas, we take care of every detail. Every detail is thoughtfully attended to.

With a background in initiative and curiosity from my time at IBM, I bring my professional expertise to this new endeavour.


While it may not be a traditional business, we strive to provide a simple and relaxing experience for our guests, with ample space for them to personalize and clean and well-appointed accommodations.

As a frequent traveller, I know the importance of a comfortable and clean stay. Think of it like preparing for a visit from a cherished family member – we take care of our home as if their arrival was just hours away. Come experience the warm hospitality, professional ethic, and simple elegance of our Tuscany home

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