the entrepreneurship of the social aspect

A Social Entrepreneurship

At LeCaRaMeLle di Baratti, we are dedicated to promoting a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. This is why we have taken proactive steps to measure and reduce our carbon impact, using an index that tracks various forms of energy consumption.

Our commitment to social sustainability is rooted in our belief that a socially responsible business model can have a profound impact on the world. We look to the wisdom of past generations, where the social aspect of the business was just as important as financial performance.
Our approach is inspired by the teachings of Professor Luca Cottini, who has been a great source of inspiration for us.

Our social sustainability initiative is centred around the concept of “no waste, less impact.” We believe in making a continuous effort to reduce our energy consumption and minimize our carbon footprint.

To do this, we calculated an energy consumption index that reflects our carbon impact in everyday life throughout 2020. Our guests and staff all played a role in helping us measure and track our energy usage. While the calculation can be a bit complex, I invite you to dive into this topic. The index took into account the energy consumption from various sources, and we are constantly working to improve and refine our tracking.

Although, one area where we noticed a lack was in tracking water consumption and reuse. Our goal is to adopt an eco-friendly approach and promote green living, creating a socially responsible business model for the future.

These steps to decrease our carbon footprint are just the start of our journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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