the entrepreneurship of the social aspect

A Social Entrepreneurship

We, at LeCaRaMeLle di Baratti, are deeply founded on the entrepreneurship of our models.
It’s the world of half a generation before, where the social aspect of one’s business, had the same measurement results as the most canonical ways of management. (Great inspiration on this topic came from professor Luca Cottini lessons)

Yeah! do you expect that such a small type of activity might even try to have an impact upon the social side? and I fully agree with that

A continuous effort in having the little consumption as possible, in the vision of "no waste no impact".

We calculated an index of the carbon impact. It refers to 2020, in everyday life, considering all year. Our guests and us, we all collaborated on what was measured.
Well, the calculation it’s a bit complex and I would invite you to get deeper yourselves into this topic. But I dare say the calculation took into account the consumption of energy coming from different sources. (I noticed a big lack of measures of water consumption and reuse, although.)

An index, a number, that woke up a sort of sense of responsibility. A social responsibility. or maybe it's an age effect

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